Druid Course Online: Introduction to the tradition of Druidism.

This online course, “Introduction to the tradition of Druidism”, is a precious opportunity for you to join our Sacred Circle. A gathering of like-minded people.We love to work with you and share our knowledge of modern Druidism.

Druidism is an ancestral tradition of nature-based spirituality, healing, and wisdom steeped in history and tradition.
Join this international Circle to experience an Introduction to Druidism inspired by the place and ancient history where we live, Ireland.

Your place in this unique community awaits. The experience will give you an immediate feeling of belonging and lay the foundation for further spiritual growth. If you have a connection to the Earth, Ireland, empowering mysticism, then hear the call that your soul yearns for. You are very welcome to follow our Druid Course.

Who is the course for?: You hear the druidic calling.

The ways of old attract you. It is a feeling within you that, at first, you cannot explain. Although you might not see yourself as a druid, you are sure that the urge to know more and to practice Druidism has guided you to read this. With the knowledge and experiences provided through the year, you will grow to be a valued member of any local druid grove or develop a personal spiritual practice if you would rather stay solitary.

Taking the Druid Course: Introduction to the tradition of Druidism.

It is your chance to go into a year of personal development.
We open four new topics for you to study or experience every month. Topics involve working with elements, directions, the Wheel of the Year, seasonal celebrations, the trees, and Ogham (the ancient tree alphabet).

We invite you to learn practical skills through video lessons, and you will get inspiration and receive a new guided meditation every month at our online Zoom meeting. This will guide you to go deeper throughout the course.

Reading and learning the skills invites you to reflect on how you experience the energy of nature awakening in early spring, the sparkling energy of midsummer, or to turn inwards and let go in late Autumn.

Who are behind the Druid Grove of Anú?

Karen and Jan Tetteroo developed the course “Introduction to the tradition of Druidism”. They are modern druids and founders of the Druid Grove of Anú. While drawing from ancient knowledge, Druidism has developed into a spiritual practice relevant to modern-day people.
The Druid Grove of Anú is a druidic centre in the mountains near Killarney, Co. Kerry. The Grove is on the slopes west of the Paps of Anú, the twin peaks that dominate the landscape around the Cork and Kerry county bounds.

We live and work there with nature and the spirits of the land that are so closely connected with what people will call the Sidhe and the Tuatha Dé Danann.

They were featured in an excellent item in the Irish Times. You can read it here.


How is the Druid course structured? 

Read more about the content and structure of the Online Druidism Course here. Or read the Frequently Asked Questions here..


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