Frequently Asked Questions about the Druidism Course

When can I start, and when are the new lessons online?

You can start right away. The lesson for the first month is an introductory lesson in which you get acquainted with Druidism. It holds some theory and the first practical exercise.
After this, you will receive a new lesson at the beginning of each month. We tied these lessons to the seasons and The Celtic Wheel of the Year. They are the same for all the students, regardless of the entry moment.
You can follow the lesson at your own pace and decide how often and for how long you work on a topic. That is the advantage of learning online.

Is this Druidism course for beginners or advanced students?

The strength of this course is the mix of beginners and advanced students who inspire each other.

Do you have inspiration, and are you new to spirituality and/or Druidism? Then you are very welcome. You grow step by step and develop your way of working at your own pace. This year we will introduce you to several essential basic concepts.

Several basic concepts can be familiar to you when you have been working on spirituality for years. The added value of this online Druidism course is that you grow further from a new perspective: The connection with the wheel of the year, nature, and with a mix of unique people who follow the same path for this period. 

Is there guidance during the course?

The lessons are online, and you will get started yourself. During the exercises, you will receive relevant information, written or with a short video, to get an idea of the intention.

Once a month, there is a zoom meeting with the entire group. We go a little deeper on a specific theme, and there is a live guided meditation. You can ask questions, and there is the possibility of exchanging experiences with the other members.

Personal Coaching

In addition, online individual druidism coaching within the course is possible according to your needs. We do not include this in the course to keep the costs low.

You can link individual coaching sessions to the course as a separate, tailor-made module.

Does the course cost much time; do I have to go through everything in a month?

We divided the lessons into several short topics available throughout the year. You decide how often and for how long you spend on it. You can follow this at your own pace and choose a specific topic at a different time of year. 

You can further develop and shape your style with what you learned. For many people, Druidism remains, and they no longer want to give up the connection with nature and the ceremonies.

Where do I start?

When you feel the time is right, choose one of the options below and start today. If you still have questions, just email them to info@groveofanu.com

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