Karen Tetteroo – Druid of the Grove

Here in Ireland, I live and work in the middle of nature. Annagh More is an old place where people have lived and worked on the land with the nature spirits around them. The healing, powerful energy I find here gives me power and strength.


I have felt a deep connection with mother earth, the land, stones, plants animals all my life. When I read about druids and druidism, it immediately felt familiar.

In 2005 I became a member of the OBOD and started the course with three stages corresponding to the three traditional schools of the Bards, Ovates and Druids.

This path changed my life; I integrated what I learned as a way of life.


In 2010 and 2011, I read many books by Alberto Villoldo about the Qero shamans from Peru and the courses from this Inca tradition. First, I got the Munay Ki initiations, then the Nusta Karpay, Blossoming and the rite of the womb initiations.

Especially the Nusta Karpay impressed me because of the connection with the mountains and the energy deep in the earth. Through these initiations, I have come to remember how I can attune myself to the environment, the land and the mountains. I use my skills and intuition to bring the land more into balance and heal.

The Qero shamans are connected with the energy of the ancestors, the cosmos and mother earth. They live far away from modern society in the mountains of Peru. In 2011, I met the Qero shamans in person during workshops in the Netherlands.

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Stones, Crystals and Megalithic Monuments

One of the great things about working with energy is working with crystals. Crystals have unique qualities, and one of the qualities is that they help me attune with the energy in Stones, Stone circles, Dolmen and sacred spaces such as fairy forts.

In Ireland, megalithic monuments are the silent witnesses of a time people built them for a purpose. It is unknown what these stones were used for, but more and more people notice they feel something in these places when they touch a rock, standing between two stones. Some people are attracted by intuition to visit these sacred places.

I discovered that what I feel in those places are earth energies.

Since 2020 I have learned how to work with the energy of crystals and earth energy together with a group of people worldwide in The Crystalline Movement from Jaap van Etten.

In the Crystalline movement group, we learn to work from the heart with compassion for ourselves, our spiritual path and how we can support mother earth to create an optimal energetic environment again to live in,

I am aware of the energy system of our earth. How it functions, and how we as humans can contribute to the balance of this system.

The Grove of Anu

I walk a wonderful life path with my husband, Jan. We are close to nature and work with both feet on the ground at our Farmhouse and in the Grove of Anu.

In the Grove of Anu, you can get acquainted with how we connect with nature and old traditions and how you can integrate this into your spiritual journey and way of life.

My passion is to work with people like you, so you gain inspiration and energy and learn and discover your path, your tribe,  in your unique way.

All that you can ever achieve is a sense of your Soul. You gain little glimpses of its light, colours and contours. You feel the inspiration of its possibilities and the wonder of its mysteries.