Every big moment in life deserves a proper celebration. A Celtic Celebrant can conduct a meaningful ceremony for every occasion that justifies extra attention.

In the current day and age the influence on our life by the church of Rome is vanishing quickly. There is however a great movement towards spirituality, specially when it comes to the important moments in our lives: birth, coming of age, wedding, renewing the vows, separation/divorce and death. At these moments we want to do something extra. Something that tells us: “This is a special occasion, a day to remember.”

At these moments you would like to know someone who can shape the occasion. To create a fitting ritual, where the occasion is anchored in your mind. A humanistic – or spiritual celebrant is a person who can make this wish a reality. A celebrant is someone who can fill the gap that exists at the moment a priest does not fit in with the people for who and with whom the ceremony is performed.

Jan Tetteroo and his wife Karen are experienced celebrants, who can guide you through your special occasion and give it meaning to you, your family and friends. Your wishes are central, and we create it in close cooperation. In essence the ritual is spiritual but not religious. We can conduct is within a humanist, druidic, Celtic or European tradition. Whatever the occasion, Jan or Karen can create a meaningful celebration. We can work on our own or as a duo which might give some balance in case of a wedding or Celtic handfasting.

If you consider incorporating a ritual to your occasion, contact us. We can discuss what we can do for you and how we can shape the days that matter most in your life.