Jan & Karen Tetteroo

Draoithe/Druids of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

Serving the community

Helping and assisiting by offering druidic services to charities and public causes.
Keepers of the old traditions and knowledge. Teaching, coaching and counselling.

Offering services as a celebrant for weddings, handfastings, christenings, coming of age, divorces and funerals

Join the Grove and stay connected. Be a friend (friendships is free of course!), supporter or student

Assistance for those who need it. Answering questions regarding life, relationships, and purpose. 

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Druid Grove of Anu

The Druid Grove of Anú

The grove is located close to the Paps of Anú. So naming in honour of the mother Goddess seemed appropriate.
The Grove of Anú is where we meet as equals and create a place where we can grow and learn.
Grove meetings will be held monthly at the location in Annagh More or at chosen outdoors locations in Spring and Summer.

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Druid time

The time of Lughnassad/Lúnasa is a period of the year to view the concept of ‘druid time’. It is going with the flow of life,

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La Bealtaine – May Day Ceremony

                                                                                                                                      We celebrate the La Bealtaine with an online druidic ceremony. It will be available for live viewing from the 1st May at 8PM (Dublin time/GMT)

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Alban Eilir – The Spring Equinox Ceremony

We are delighted to announce our first live online ceremony as Grove of Anu. The occasion being the Spring Equinox.                                                                                                                                           We celebrate the Rite of

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Mountain Retreat Annagh More
Co. Kerry

Tel: 089 4622 115
Mail: info@groveofanu.com

We are welcoming people interested in spirituality, shamanism, paganism and ancient Irish/Pagan religions in our inner circle.

We organise and support inspirational gatherings, events, workshops and trainings on site and on location.

Call us on 089 4622 115 or email: info@groveofanu.com