How is the Druid course presented?

The course comprises twelve monthly lessons and one introductory lesson. Every month new lesson comes available. The course follows the natural rhythm of the year with its different facets.

You can join any day. The material will be revealed over the course of twelve months. It consists of theory, practice and deepening meditations as well as a journey through the spiritual wheel of the year. Halfway the first month you will be invited to join that month’s Zoom class. You will get backgrounds, a chance to ask questions and discuss the topics with Karen, Jan and the participants of the course.

The sign-up process is fully automated, so you can start right away with the first lessons of the course.

Structure of the course

The Druid course content will be presented in a 4 to 6-topic format per month. Each topic holds a video explaining the content, text to read and sometimes a quiz or test. To fully integrate the material, working with it for 4 weeks at the minimum is needed before the next phase of the course will open. More reading tips, videos, and leads to deepening the experience will be provided.  

If any concept during the course is unclear, or raises questions, you can mail us, and we will get back to you. 

Course topics in the first month.

1. Introduction to druidism.

2. A journey into the grove.

3. Create your own druidwork place

4. Zoom meeting 

5. History of Druidism

The 4-6 topic per month format

When you are ready, you can sign-up below. Still want to know more? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.


We have had to disable automatic sign up due to fraudulent sign-ups with stolen credit cards. If you want to join the Grove and follow our Druidism course, send an email to

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Sign Up for the Course

Annual Payment of €90
  • New Online Lessons every Month
  • Additional Zoom Meetings
  • Course Certificate
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