Druids in the Cork and Kerry Mountains

Jan & Karen Tetteroo

We are druids of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. A worldwide druid order and the largest of its kind in the world. Our aim is to practice our druid path and as such be of service to the Irish community.

What is a druid?

We have known druids in Ireland, the British Isles, Brittany and the north of Spain since the old age. Although they transferred their knowledge orally, they were first documented by the Romans in the early ages of our era.
In their communities, druids held the important positions of:

  • poets and singers
  • healers
  • soothsayers
  • ritualists and celebrants
  • philosophers and wise men or wise women

Subject to massacre, exile and oppression, the druid cast more or less vanished from society. Although it is believed that there is an unbroken lineage in Ireland and Brittany, the druids were hardly visible for a thousand years from the 700’s. After being underground or non-existent for ages, Druidry was revived in 17th century towards the end of the Renaissance period.

Modern druids are no longer the aristocrats of their communities as they were in the past. Studying Druidry and becoming a druid, however, is a demanding effort even in the modern age. In the past, a druid would be an apprentice of a senior druid for 18 years. Lots of the skills they would be taught are learned in traditional schools today. Nowadays druid education is a path usually taken after leaving school. It is a path of personal development that explores the functions of the druids of old. One can follow from one to three consecutive grades: bards, ovates, and druids. Each grade precedes the earlier one. So a druid is also a bard and an ovate, but a bard can remain a bard.

The three grades


During the bardic grade, you are introduced to all the basic concepts of Druidry. Walking through the cycle of the year and connecting with nature. It contains a series of personal spiritual development stages revolving around artistry and presenting. You are stimulated to pick up a musical instrument, sing, write, speak in public and are given the knowledge of performing ritual- and celebratory ceremonies for weddings, births and funerals.


The ovate grade brings you knowledge of healing, herbs, the spirit world and divination. You are a medicine man a soothsayer and a traveller between this world and other worlds. Indigenous tribes would refer to a shaman. In that perspective, you could easily say that an Ovate is a Celtic Shaman


The last stage of your druid education leads you through the grade with the same name. A path preparing you to explain myths, explore philosophical ideas and act as an advisor to chieftains, kings and common people.

All grades promote harmony and worship of nature, and respect for all beings, including the environment.

What do we as modern druids practise?

Modern Druidry is a path of personal development. There is no obligation to be of service to the community as a druid. That is a relic of the past. That does not mean that a druid does not perform public functions.
We live an environmentally friendly and for a great part self-sufficient life on our smallholding in the mountains outside of Killarney town. There we organise open seasonal druid celebrations honouring the Celtic Wheel of the Year. This is a way of connecting with the time of the year and acknowledging the passing of the seasons, the death and rebirth of nature, planting the seeds and reaping the harvest. To be notified of these celebrations, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list.
Playing the shaman drum is our passion. For years we have been invited to organise and lead drum circles and – rituals on in and outdoor festivals. Can you imagine the excitement of having 50 to 100 drummers playing in sync while the audience dances ecstatically?

With our self-made drums, we also do drum healing. We can do this besides regular medical aid. Drum healing can assist with many complaints, both physical and psychological.

Jan and Karen are both experienced druids and humanistic celebrants. They create and perform ceremonies for all important life events like birth, coming of age, weddings, divorces and funerals. These ceremonies are highly personalised. They can be held in traditional Celtic spiritual style as druids, but also meaningful humanist ceremonies are possible.

Jan is also a certified trainer, coach, public speaker, tarot reader, bodhran player and web designer. He gives training and workshops for groups all over Ireland and the Netherlands. The workshops revolve around living to your full potential, mindfulness and being in the now.

Karen is a holistic counsellor and gives workshops about Druidry and mindfulness.

Keep in touch

We are welcoming people interested in spirituality, paganism and ancient Celtic religions into our inner circle. On our farmhouse and -land near Killarney town, we have a workshop space. We organise seasonal festivals, workshops and courses on-site as well as on location.