Benm Stimpson Ancestral Veneration

Webinar Building Ancestral Veneration Practices with Ben Stimpson

Don’t Miss Out! Webinar with Ben Stimpson:
Building Ancestral Veneration Practices

 Mark your calendar for WEDNESDAY, 16 August! 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that spans cultures and generations? We’ve got an exclusive opportunity coming your way that you won’t want to miss!

Join us for a riveting Webinar with the acclaimed expert, Ben Stimpson, as he delves into the captivating realm of Ancestral Veneration.

In this electrifying session, Ben Stimpson will unravel the mysteries of ancestral veneration practices, sharing insights from diverse traditions. But that’s not all – he’s here to guide you through the intricate tapestry of ritual practices, weaving in inspiring narratives of resilience, unity, and the power of communal support.

Discover the profound impact of honouring your ancestors in your daily life.

Ben’s expertise will lead you to explore profound questions about life, death, and the connections that transcend time. By the end of this webinar, you’ll be equipped to embark on a transformative journey of your own – one that forges a deeper bond with your ancestors and ushers in an authentic, vibrant practice.

Unveil the mosaic of ancestor types – from blood relations to chosen families.

Step into the sacred space of practice as Ben reveals the tangible elements that enhance your veneration journey. From sacred surroundings to symbolic offerings, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of how to make this journey truly impactful.

Ben Stimpson, an unparalleled authority on ancestral work, has penned the influential book “Ancestral Whispers.”

See you at the webinar!

The webinar will be shared on the grove’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

You can watch the livestream Wednesday 16 August at 8 PM (Dublin Time) on:


Streams will be available after the event on the same locations.

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