Druid thoughts December

This last month of the year has a strong vibration with ‘ internal change’.

In November, the theme was letting go. When you let go, you make space for change and new things. The time of  the druid ritual Alban Arthan, is a great time to stand still and look back for the last time.

Ask yourself what is done and finished, what you don’t need anymore. Do this resolute, make your intentions clear and do it with gratitude for the lessons that you have learned. It creates space. 


The quietness and the period of internal change in nature, deep into the earth, can explain a feeling of unrest during this month. Everything flows and moves, from the inside, and so do you.

Use the power of daydreaming. Let your inner world, with its sights, sounds and feelings, help you choose new directions on your druid path of growth.

Listen to your heart and create new intentions. You will notice how much you have grown, how much richer your experiences are and what you can take with you into the new year.

Alban Arthan; from the dark into the light

We are looking forward to meet you in our Alban Arthan ceremony on Sunday 19 December. It will be live streamed on this website, Facebook and Youtube.
The Wheel of the Year revolves beyond the dark and towards new light.  In this darkest time of the year, we celebrate  the return of the solstice Sun King, who brings warmth, light and new beginnings.