St Gobnait

At the beginning of spring, just after Imbolc, February 11 is the day of St. Gobnait. 

She traveled throughout her life through Ireland and there are places, churches, holy wells, which carry her name in the counties of Cork, Kerry, Limerick and the Aran Islands. 

The story tells that she had an insight; An Angel appeared with the message to look for a place with nine white deer. So she traveled through Ireland and ended in Ballyvourney in Cork. 

She had insight and knowledge. Saint Gobnait worked with her bees and knew that raw honey was healing and purifying. She saved many lives, and she became the patron saint of beekeepers. 

Today is a beautiful day to think about the bees and wish them strength, food and sun this year. 


I felt a beautiful soft female energy around the Well in Ballyvourney. As if she knows that we still remember her and the work that she had done for the people throughout Ireland. 

I blessed a self-made wax candle in the Well to honour my own bees and their work here in the gardens of Annagh More. A gentle light shines through the farmhouse kitchen tonight. 

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