Druid time

The time of Lughnassad/Lúnasa is a period of the year to view the concept of ‘druid time’.

It is going with the flow of life, the cycle of sowing, ripening, and determining the right moment.

The right moment

The period of ripening, letting go of control and harvesting does not mean that there is no action.
See what happens in nature:

Look at the apples on the apple tree in autumn. In this period, the apple gains structure, color and flavour.

It is the same with our activities  and actions. The time from Lughnassad to the autumn equinox is a period of ripening, timing and harvesting.

Back to Druid time.

When you are in doubt, when you notice that something is holding you back, and can’t reason. When you worry about being a bit late.

That is the moment to think about the ‘definition’ of druid time and trust your intuition.

There is a conversation in Lord of the Rings. Where Gandalf gives an example of druid time:

“A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to“. – Gandalf the Grey.