Webdesigner – Internet Marketeer


Early 1996 there was a website called “The Internet Map of The Netherlands”. It contained a map of the Netherlands 640×480 pixels and all the (less then 50) websites in the country were on it. Amongst it was the first website I had build for my startup Nedernet Online Services. One of the first companies in Netherlands offering Internet access.

Now 20 years later billions and billions websites are available. Every self respecting company and professional has its own website. Websites range from digital brochures to full fledged online stores or other types of sales channels. Still what was regarded as an acceptable or good website 5 years ago, will most likely not be successful today. For a great part this is due to the arrival of the mobile web. In 2005 the mobile web surpassed PC use and mobile commerce is still growing.

The last years all the websites I built were designed with mobile use in mind. It is easier to adapt a mobile website to a larger screen them the other way around. Furthermore there is a great emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation. It is of great importance that people seeking for products or services you sell will find you. A tight integration with social media completes the setup of any website built by me.

After your website is ready, daily maintenance can be done by you or your employees. When necessary training will be given. But you can ask me to maintain everything too.

Since I moved to Killarney Co. Kerry, I am offering my knowledge and services to Irish companies. I am specialised in websites for tourism, events, artists, retail and trade. To see what I can do look at the following examples of websites built by me:

Contact me at info@jantetteroo.com for more information